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Directed & Coached by Molli Benson

Arizona Film Set
Tucson, Arizona



The Western Workshop gives the actors the feeling of working on a feature film with the complete environment, including shooting interiors and exteriors.

Being coached as well as directed will give the actors the opportunity to learn while working.

This is an Actors Workshop - Not a Feature Film

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5 days & 5 nights

Meals       Wardrobe
1 day Rehearsal   Make-up/Hair
4 Days shooting on Set   4-5 Scenes
Some horseback riding   4-5 lmprov Scenes
Minor stunts   Edited Scenes
Gun work   Still Photos


western2014 6

Actors of all experience levels, age 21 and up, are encouraged to participate. Actors from throughout the States are welcome.

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To Submit:

All actors who are going to participate must email Molli Benson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with confirmation. Please include your name, phone number, postal address, city & state and photo.

Date: TBA
Tuition: $1,275.00

Includes workshop and meals. Tuition does not include lodging and transportation.

We will, however, assist in making hotel arrangements.  We recommend booking 2 actors per room.

You are responsible for arranging your own transportation, arriving no later than 11 am Wednesday morning and departing by 2pm Monday afternoon.

Refund Policy: All deposits and tuition will be refunded in the event of cancellation of the Workshop.

If the Actor withdraws any payments made are non-refundable.

Newsletters, Emails and additional information will be sent to you. Please always check your email.

Information will also be on the Molli Benson On-Location Western Workshop Facebook page.

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Actors at work

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Molli Benson

Specialty Acting Coach

Producer, Director, Writer, Casting Director, Former owner of Union Talent Agency, Student Films, Feature Indie Films, Cable Sitcom, Talk Show Host (For Actors Only and Movies & More), Actors Award Shows, Specialty Personal Manager

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